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Database Design


Stacey Computer Solutions provides database solutions for businesses. Databases are the information powerhouses for successful business management. We can design databases which will store the information your business needs and allow fast and flexible access to reports and charts to give you insight into how your business is doing as and when you want it. We work to your requirements and make our solutions as user-friendly as possible.

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Do your require a database back-end for your website? We can provide php/MySQL solutions to your online database requirements. We can design web hosted secure databases which allow access from anywhere for password protected users.

Another option is a Microsoft Access database, using VBA and SQL. Access is ideal for small businesses as it produce scalable solutions which can be modified in-house easily. This type of database can be readily transferred to a SQL or MySQL back-end with the same user interface, so that off-site users can access the data.


We have expertise in handheld terminal solutions for synchronising van sales and product stores using eVB.

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